Friday, 26 October 2007


To honour the first post in my most blog I give you the first section of the worlds most anticipated children's story - PixSty and the elephant!!

It was the first day of January, a new year, a new lease of life for PixSty. Each new year leaves a strange, hollow feeling within PixSty. The cold winter wind howling around his ears makes PixSty dream of summers gone. His cave is nowhere for him to hide. The rain soaked boulders that once stopped passers-by entering have long since been stolen, and his bed of moss with a mushroom for a pillow mysteriously vanished when he lost track of time fishing for frogs.

Frogs are PixSty's favourite food. His mother used to cook him fresh FrogsGlob every morning when he was young. Since leaving home PixSty is lucky if he gets to nibble on a frogs leg, let alone get to eat the best bit - their toes!